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We cater to the needs of the ballroom dance community of Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC.


Anthony Chong and Gloria Chien BC Open & Closed Standard Champions


STAR Dance Shoes

We have a new shipment of Men's and Women's STAR Dance shoes in stock.

$70 Men

$65 Women

 includes tax

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Rose & Thorn 

 Social Ballroom Dance
featuring a performance by

Anthony Chong


Gloria Chien

the current

BC Open & Closed Standard Champions


Highest Ranked

Canadian Couple


Current World Standings

Saturday, March 29
7:30 - 11:00
 Les Passmore Centre
286 Hampton Rd., Victoria, BC


Phone: 250-383-7075   EMail: dancingdragon52@hotmail.com or Facebook: by searching for "Victoria Ballroom" and selecting "Roses and Thorn".

 Les Passmore Centre, 286 Hampton Road, Victoria BC

Anthony and Gloria's 30 second solo in tango for the judges in the final at the 2012 UBC Gala Ball. Video by David Marasigan